Bouzoukis For Sale

SOLD – Octave Mandolin #19 – SOLD
Completed July 2010
SOLD – Price: $1250.00 – SOLD

This is a short scale, Level 1, Octave Mandolin
Scale length is 21 1/2″
The specifics are outlined below:

  1. 4-course Level 1 Octave Mandolin with 21 1/2″ scale length
  2. Cherry back & sides
  3. Engleman Spruce Top with oval soundhole and B/W/B/W/B rosette
  4. 3-Piece Cherry neck with a two-way adjustable trussrod and a Bolivian Rosewood heal plate inlayed with a MOP concave square
  5. Bolivian Rosewood (Morado) Fretboard & Peghead overlays
  6. Bolivian Rosewood binding with a single line of black purfling around the top & back
  7. Bolivian Rosewood bridge with bone saddle
  8. Bone nut (neck width at the nut 34mm)
  9. Nickel Plated Gotoh tuners
  10. Nickel Plated cast brass tailpiece by AXL, this tailpiece will take ball-end as well as loop-end strings
  11. Waterbase Lacquer finish, hand-rubbed to a satin luster (lacquer is gloss so there’s still a good shine)
  12. TKL flat-top hardshell case
  13. Strung: .045-.034-.023-.013
  14. Price: $1250.00

The Pennsylvania Cherry used in this mandolin is nicely quartersawn, there were a couple of small pitch pockets in the back that were filled with epoxy, but the wood is solid and of good tonal quality. I would not put this wood in a higher level instrument but it works nicely in a Level 1 instrument.

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