User Information Sheets

Below are two information sheets that are supplied with my dulcimers. If you have purchased or received one of my dulcimers and did not receive an information sheet you may view a printable copy from this web page by clicking on the appropriate link. If your not sure what type of finish your dulcimer has then use the year it was built to best determine that.

For dulcimers with a LACQUER FINISH (most dulcimers built from 1978-2003) info-lacquer

For dulcimers with an OIL FINISH (most dulcimers built from 2004-current) info-oil.

String gauge informantion on these sheets is current. For dulcimers built from 1975-2005 the string gauges used would have been .012, .012, .014, .023 bronze wound. However, my current gauges listed on these info sheets will work fine with my earlier dulcimers with the exception of the “Halpern Model” dulcimers that have a 28 1/2″ stringlength. Those dulcimers should use the .012, .012, .014, .023 bronze wound gauges.

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